A new vision for Japan.
A new vision for the world.

We live in an age of convenience. As communication technology continues to evolve

at incredible speed, we can use our smartphones to access all the information in the world,

or to shop or use online services anytime, anywhere.

By providing support for globalization, digitalization, UX design,

and the production and development of digital content,

At Vision provides business solutions that can help you to achieve your goals.

Agrivision, our newly launched trial cloud service for agricultural cultivation management, is a monthly subscription service that includes use of the ATV cloudviewer 2.1 tool for remotely accessing videos and images from a fixed camera via the Internet, combined with camera leasing. Agrivision was developed based on feedback from farmers in the smart agriculture business, allowing them to avoid the inconvenience of dealing with the purchase and setup of cameras, maintenance of networks, and management of accessing images. The service is designed for agricultural use and can be implemented outdoors in all weather conditions, even in places where there is no network or power supply. The service can also be integrated into websites and applications.
What we do
Design and Production
We offer a wide range of design services – from UI/UX design for websites, systems, and applications, to DTP design for publications, catalogs, flyers, direct mail and novelties, as well as brand design and video.
System/Application Planning and Development
We provide one-stop support from planning to development, operation and management of web systems, CMS construction, and smartphone applications.
Marketing Planning, Production, and Management
We can help you to meet a variety of business goals, from planning, production and operation of digital promotion activities to maximizing return on investment (ROI).
Digital Consulting
We support your company's digital challenges, from improving your online presence and launching owned media, to digital transformation strategies such as system implementation and business development.
Planning, Strategy Consulting and Research
We provide total support – gathering research for business development, web marketing in Japan and overseas, and proposing solutions for any issues you may face. We can also formulate interactive web services and marketing strategies, including proposals for specific customer needs, operation of social networks, and community formation, as well as development, planning, and research of new businesses and services.
We provide one-stop support for cross-border e-commerce and localization of online services. We also provide support for Japanese companies to transcend language barriers and expand their business around the world, and for companies from various countries to develop their business within Japan.
Leasing Devices for Corporate Use
We can assist you with lease of devices such as tablets, PCs, smartphones, field servers, field cameras, and IoT network systems to meet your needs. Please inquire for details on availability, lease duration, and cost.

March 2020 saw the release of ATV cloudviewer 2.1, a tool for remotely browsing videos and images from a fixed camera via the Internet. The tool can also be integrated into existing systems.